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            About No Borders - Get involved!

            No Borders UK is a network of groups and individuals who struggle against borders and immigration controls and strive for freedom of movement for all. Learn more

            Some writings about No Borders | Newsletters | Contacts | Get involved

            Day of action against Barnardo’s – 8 Nov

            Following a series of documented assaults on migrant families held in Cedars, the appalling treatment of the Saleh family, and the damning HM Inspector of Prison’s report last month, anti-detention campaigners are calling on all concerned groups and individuals


            Stop death charter flight to Sri Lanka, Tue 23rd Oct

            Protest at 10am on Tuesday, 23rd October, at Harmondsworth & Colnbrook detention centres near Heathrow airport, London.

            Nearest stations: West Drayton, Hatton Cross, Uxbridge. Call 07512 516926
            for directions on the day.

            The flight is supposed to be 3.30 from stansted so they set off several
            hours earlier from harmondsworth, hence the timing.

            On Tuesday, the British government will try to deport up to 60 people to Sri Lanka, where many of them are at serious risk of arrest, torture and even death.


            FCUKBA news round-up - June 2012

            Charter flight updates; Sri Lanka mass deportation blockaded; Darfuri hunger strike; Launch of new AntiRaids campaign against UKBA street raids; Stop Deportations to Afghanistan public meeting

            A month in immigration & control & resistance in the UK, 22nd May - 22nd June



            FCUKBA news round-up - March 2012

            Massive raid on London Reggaeton gig; charter flights news; hunger strike in Colnbrook detention centre; Stop Deportations meetings and leafleting in Peckham, South London.

            Feb 25th-March 24th: A months' work for those lovely people of the UK Border Agency, safeguarding our nation from the invading hordes of furriners.


            A No Borders manifesto

            A manifesto written by some people active in the No Borders UK network. Please note that this manifesto has not been endorsed by everyone in the network. It is simply meant to stimulate thinking and discussion.




            If the UK Border Agency or police stop you in the street and ask about
            your immigration status:

            - You DO NOT have to answer any questions.
            - You DO NOT have to tell them your name or address.
            - Tell them that you do not want to talk to them.
            - Stay polite but confident.
            - You can walk away. They are not allowed to stop you just because of your race.


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